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Wine Cards


Discover our Wine Cards, your passport to a premium wine experience at Sweet-Luncheonette. Indulge in our Marble, Onyx, and Ruby tiers, each offering a unique level of convenience and elegance. No more waiting for wine lists; our selection awaits you. Elevate your experience and visit us today.


Receive 2 pours of our specially curated wines per card.


Check out our 'Marble' Wine Card and discover the ultimate wine experience! Our team has carefully picked out the most amazing wines that will leave you craving for more. Trust us and let our card be your ultimate wine guide. Cheers to great sips!

Enjoy 2 pours of our premium wine selections per card.


Upgrade your wine experience with our 'Onyx' Wine Card, offering even higher quality bottles, handpicked for refined tastes.


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Coming Soon

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