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Every soirée is a canvas at Sweet-Luncheonette, and our patrons are the art. We believe in the magic of moments, and attire plays an essential role in painting the picture of an unforgettable evening. This page is dedicated to guiding you through our carefully curated dress codes. It's not just about fitting in; it's about feeling confident, embracing the theme, and contributing to the collective ambiance. Explore the various dress styles, dive into the inspirations, and get ready to shine at our next event

Festive cocktail attire is a playful blend of semi-formal elegance and vibrant personality. It's an invitation to showcase one's unique style while maintaining the sophistication of the occasion.

Key Elements to Incorporate

Colors & Textures

Fun Ideas: Fuchsia, Goldenrod, Sunset orange, Brocade, Satin, Chenille, Tweed

Adding rich and vibrant colors like royal blue, emerald green, or bold red can add charm and liveliness to your outfit. You can also enhance your attire by incorporating unique textures such as velvet or silk, making your outfit truly one-of-a-kind. By blending bold colors and fascinating textures, you can create a stunning look that will surely impress everyone at the event.

Shapes & Volume

Fun Ideas: Asymmetric hems, Fit &flare, High-necked, Tulle layers, Bell sleeves, Shoulder pads

Experiment with bold fashion choices by adding ruffled sleeves or a peplum waist. These design elements show off your personal style and can lead to pleasantly surprising outcomes.


Fun Ideas: Silver sequins, Gold tassels, Pearl beading, Paisley, Geometric, Floral lace

The little things are what really make an outfit pop! Whether it's the glimmer of sequins and beads or the complexity of intricate patterns, paying attention to the details can take your look to the next level.


Fun Ideas: Layered necklaces, Tassel earrings, Wide-brimmed hats, Embroidered boots, Paisley tie, Leather suspenders, Two-tone brogues, Lapel pins

Adding accessories to your outfit can make a statement about your fashion sense. Bold pieces like chunky necklaces, oversized earrings, and statement rings can turn heads and demand attention. If you prefer a more subtle approach, consider delicate bracelets or elegant drop earrings. For those who take a more masculine approach to fashion, adding ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares can elevate your style game.

Guidelines to Remember: No Baseball caps

While Festive Cocktail encourages personal style, always remember to respect the theme and spirit of the event. Sneakers or any laid-back footwear are best left at home.

Instead, opt for something that complements the elegance of your attire.

If you're new to this dress code or are unsure, remember:

Accessories can be very helpful in enhancing your outfit! For a feminine touch, you can choose simpler dresses and complement them with eye-catching accessories. On the other hand, if you have a more masculine style, you can elevate a basic suit by adding colorful ties or distinctive cufflinks.

  • A teal knee-length dress with gold sequin details.

  • A high-low skirt paired with a silk blouse in a bold shade.

  • A tailored jumpsuit in jewel tones adorned with statement jewelry.

  • A navy-blue suit paired with a paisley-print shirt.

  • Charcoal trousers, a crisp white shirt, and a bold-colored blazer.

  • A classic black suit, jazzed up with a vibrant tie and matching pocket square.

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